I am cutting off sugar, caffeine, etc., the whole nine yards. It would be difficult while running this blog. For the next upcoming posts, I assure that I would be having my cup without sugar and with soy milk. Probably have just one cup a week. Not trying to be healthy, just trying to get rid of a lifetime sweet addiction.


Not much really. I upped my mocha with a spark of hazelnut, and it still tasted as basic as flat white with chocolate sprinkle. It should taste like Nutella-ish, right?

Then again, what could I expect from a coffee at a service station? The banana bread was lovely, though. Plus I learned a new word, ennui, meaning utter weariness resulting from boredom. I guess it definitely described how waiting for someone in a cold rainy night at a service station would be like.

Third mocha for the day at the Wild Bean Café, BP gas station, Osborne Park.

Price: AUD4.70

A perfect combination at Poppies Café. Right and enough. I like the balance of coffee and chocolate. I like the lady who served it too.

20130807-133126.jpgA Wild Sheep Chase. A story about searching for a sheep that takes over human bodies to carry out its agenda for humanity.

Price: AUD4.00