Have one at Peters by the Beach, such an institution in Scarborough strip. It’s okay for a mocha. It’s being there that counts.

I haven’t been near the saltwater this winter, so it’s special to sip some indulgence after staring at the cold ocean for awhile.

Price: AUD4.80 (I think… an excuse to go back and get one to find out)


Like I have said, I am cutting on caffeine and sugar but I am at Macca’s and it is not helping me. Lol. This standard mocha is way too big for my version of what is regular. *roll eyes* Just that habit of getting over the top, as always. To make matter worse, I pair it up with a Mud Muffin. I am baaaahd!!!

I am bravely admitting that I am a sugar addict who is knocking at the door of caffeine addiction. I promise to have just a cup a week. I slip again this week like last week. I think this is my fourth coffee and second mocha drink. Who knows how much sugar I just consumed. By the looks of what is in front of me, 150 grams (?). Six fucking times the recommended amount.

Bah! I will keep trying to keep it minimum, though. Good luck (again) to me.

Price: AUD4.25


It’s been awhile, I know. I am just being contemplative the past few days of whether or not I am giving up my mocha indulgence and succumb to an eating lifestyle that would set my health straight. Not that I am that sick, but I am just cutting off down on sugar and carbohydrates, including caffeine and dairy.

I am really having a hard time. It takes a bigger person in me to do so. I have given up a lot of things in the past, but it has taken me quiet some time.

To my surprise, I may keep my mocha thing to a minimum after I have finished through a takeaway from Piazza di Forrest in heart of CBD. The girl who took my order asked me if I wanted to have sugar in it. I reluctantly answered No. I am glad I did, because their mocha was exceptionally made. A Café Mocha with finesse – smooth texture, balanced taste with enough froth. It could never go wrong if it’s from Bocelli Expresso, which is voted the best coffee in Perth for a very long time. The queue is proof.

I believe I can manage toning it down, say a cup or two a week, evenly spacing them between the start and end of the week. I can skip sugar then changing full cream milk to soy. I just hope every mocha comes in dark 70%, preferably 85% cacao chocolate.

Price: AUD 4.90 takeaway


It’s Gloria Jean’s. Could not really expound beyond good coffee by default. They have established standards. Perhaps the same thing I would say about other franchised coffee shops. They could not go wrong, but then, the oomph factor would not be that grand anymore.

Well, I could force a little description from my drinking experience at their Centro Warwick branch: the froth, obviously, was very visually dominating although it didn’t overtook any of the flavour, should the mocha be broken down of its ingredients. I like the fact that the menu board defined it as how a hot mocha drink should be called – Caffé Mocha. Politically correct, indeed. A point for that.

Yum. Full stop.

Price: AUD4.45


If I were to nominate a mocha for its excellence, so far, this is it. Café mocha from Jean Pierre Sancho would not only win my approval, but would also light the sparkles that I had been some time looking for in a cup of mocha.

This award-winning bakery slash patisserie just blew me away along with other patrons ( just because I heard a couple of wonderful remarks from outgoing dine-in customers ). The toasted chicken baguette was just literally yum. I could not stop and even read a paragraph from the new book which I was about to read. I needed to savour each bite.

I thought the setting had always been the same since 1904 when the little café started.

The staff was great too, fast and friendly, which I could not help myself from their tip glass. I had to tip. Just had to.

Very much happy with my mocha and dining experience.

Price: AUD4.00

Jean Pierre Sancho Northbridge on Urbanspoon


Now that’s a mocha drink! Lovely, lovely, just simply lovely at The Daily Bagel, Karrinyup Shops! I had it with a toasted poppy seed bagel with Nutella. I believed the drink could survive by its own or with a non-choco/non-sweet something on the side. My bad.

The flavour was a bit of both. A perfect CoCho (Coffee and Chocolate). Its froth even held the yummy taste up to the brim. It’s ethical too.

Price: AUD4.60

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Expensive Confusion

Words of warning. Do not buy coffee from someone who is catching breaths.

I went down to my local shopping centre in Greenwood to pick up something from the post. It was already around 1:00PM so I decided to just grab a quick lunch from the cafe in the middle of the shops. Like I said earlier, I meant not to have some caffeine for the rest of the day, but the chills got into me so I ordered my usual mocha indulgence.


It was quite beyond the average cost. It looked yummy but it was just restricted to its presentation. I did not really want a mocha, but the sign said it’s a specialty. I was naive to believe that Silvana’s mocha was exceptional.

I could not actually make a taste out of it. By the looks of it, it’s a mochaccino, but the texture and composition projected a mocha latte. I begged to further differ, because it didn’t tasted like any of it all. Talking about instant coffee and instant chocolate together. So it was not 100% Arabica after all, or I thought so, but its flavour said so. Geesh, this confusion! *facepalm* That’s right, because the lady who made it was kind of in between everything, and made it clear to her buying patrons (including me).

Any barista reading this could explain what’s on the right of the picture? An answer would be lovely.

Price: AUD6.00