Expensive Confusion

Words of warning. Do not buy coffee from someone who is catching breaths.

I went down to my local shopping centre in Greenwood to pick up something from the post. It was already around 1:00PM so I decided to just grab a quick lunch from the cafe in the middle of the shops. Like I said earlier, I meant not to have some caffeine for the rest of the day, but the chills got into me so I ordered my usual mocha indulgence.


It was quite beyond the average cost. It looked yummy but it was just restricted to its presentation. I did not really want a mocha, but the sign said it’s a specialty. I was naive to believe that Silvana’s mocha was exceptional.

I could not actually make a taste out of it. By the looks of it, it’s a mochaccino, but the texture and composition projected a mocha latte. I begged to further differ, because it didn’t tasted like any of it all. Talking about instant coffee and instant chocolate together. So it was not 100% Arabica after all, or I thought so, but its flavour said so. Geesh, this confusion! *facepalm* That’s right, because the lady who made it was kind of in between everything, and made it clear to her buying patrons (including me).

Any barista reading this could explain what’s on the right of the picture? An answer would be lovely.

Price: AUD6.00


Not much really. I upped my mocha with a spark of hazelnut, and it still tasted as basic as flat white with chocolate sprinkle. It should taste like Nutella-ish, right?

Then again, what could I expect from a coffee at a service station? The banana bread was lovely, though. Plus I learned a new word, ennui, meaning utter weariness resulting from boredom. I guess it definitely described how waiting for someone in a cold rainy night at a service station would be like.

Third mocha for the day at the Wild Bean Café, BP gas station, Osborne Park.

Price: AUD4.70

Kinds of Mocha Drink

Mocha is, in itself, coffee. Dark brown coffee bean with rich and strong flavour. But for the most coffee-drinking patrons, it is a classic mix of coffee, milk, sugar and chocolate.

Some coffee shops have their variations just to keep themselves different from one another. A good thing yet a bit confusing sometimes, because if the person-behind-the-counter’s response is other than “What size?” then mocha might take a different name:

  1. Caffé Mocha, Café Mocha or Mocha. The literal hot mocha drink. Usually have espresso-based or brewed mocha coffee beans infused into a hot chocolate drink with a hint of milk. Or the other way around, coffee drink with a very significant amount of chocolate flavour.
  2. Mocha Latté. Latté is Italian for milk. This is a mocha drink with a little more milk than the usual portion of steamed or textured milk, or any milk as preferred. It is when milk tries to jump in the strong competing fight between the coffee and chocolate flavour.
  3. Mochaccino. A cappuccino (very frothy espresso and milk coffee drink) with chocolate, chocolate flavour or chocolate syrup. Lesser milk than the Latté, perhaps more on froth.

To put it simply, Mocha is strongly coffee and chocolate drink. Mocha Latté is milky mocha drink. And, Mochaccino is frothy mocha drink.

A perfect combination at Poppies Café. Right and enough. I like the balance of coffee and chocolate. I like the lady who served it too.

20130807-133126.jpgA Wild Sheep Chase. A story about searching for a sheep that takes over human bodies to carry out its agenda for humanity.

Price: AUD4.00