Reduced Colours


Life is full of colours. Things are associated with colours.  And if they are defined, colour is on the top of the list. From that, a lot of descriptions spring from the colour.

Colours are existentially relative. I attest to that idea because my colour preferences have changed as I slowly overcome time. Look at the mocha drink above from Streeton’s Cafe in Perth CBD. It looks deliciously inviting by the colour brown and its different shades, in its different forms. I could tell from the moment the lady careful set it on the table that I am having caffé mocha. The same colour I visually conceive also present itself as a flavour. There has to be chocolate in it, because brown is represented by chocolate in this occasion. I am right indeed!

What about people like me?  Do I have a colour that is me? Yes, I also have colours. Some of them are strong and bright. Others are weak and shy. Or at least my chakras and my aura say so.  However, to choose a colour or have a colour appeal to my human instinct is significant.  It is not just my favourite colour, it is the colour that defines me in a particular time; in my present state; or, on how my soul is doing.

As I deliberately change my lifestyle, I have decided to narrow down the colours of my wardrobe to three. Although it might be a bit funny because white is the absence of colours, black is the presence of all colours. It brings me to blue, preferable its lighter and subtler shades, which is only the valid colour of my decision. Actually, my prior plan was to reduce it to white completely. Yet for some reasons, I cannot bring myself to wear all white. I guess, combination itself is subconsciously relevant in the projection of myself.

Why white? Pure. Careful. Clean. Clean as in clean slate. I have a habit of rebooting everything, which I am so tired of doing every time. But if I am to wear white, it will remind me to be careful, to be in control and eventually to be pure, as in not to do bad things or to stain my shirt soul, something like that. In short, to be peaceful and selfless.

Black, for me, is the boundless possibilities of freedom. A manifestation of chaos by human free will, if it is not eased into one meaningful purpose or choice. I can become a cliché sometimes and say, “I am only human… but I am really trying hard everyday to make it right… most likely for the greater good. Black acknowledges my weakness, or my tendencies to be selfish.

Blue as the sky. What I mostly lack of, looks good on me.  The colour I have chosen and the colour that has chosen me. Sometimes that’s just it. No explanations. Just fact of life like breathing. That’s blue and me.

I take my time finishing my cup of mocha so I can savour its brownness. Streeton must have good quality chocolate. That is how it feels like from my lips to my tongue, and as it slides into my throat. A very chocolatey mocha. I do not mind at all because I am a chocolate person.

Price: AUD4.80

I am cutting off sugar, caffeine, etc., the whole nine yards. It would be difficult while running this blog. For the next upcoming posts, I assure that I would be having my cup without sugar and with soy milk. Probably have just one cup a week. Not trying to be healthy, just trying to get rid of a lifetime sweet addiction.