Like I have said, I am cutting on caffeine and sugar but I am at Macca’s and it is not helping me. Lol. This standard mocha is way too big for my version of what is regular. *roll eyes* Just that habit of getting over the top, as always. To make matter worse, I pair it up with a Mud Muffin. I am baaaahd!!!

I am bravely admitting that I am a sugar addict who is knocking at the door of caffeine addiction. I promise to have just a cup a week. I slip again this week like last week. I think this is my fourth coffee and second mocha drink. Who knows how much sugar I just consumed. By the looks of what is in front of me, 150 grams (?). Six fucking times the recommended amount.

Bah! I will keep trying to keep it minimum, though. Good luck (again) to me.

Price: AUD4.25


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