The Crest of the Matter

I find myself at the corner of Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road in a sturdy spot inside The Bodhi Tree Café. I can say that it is one of those boutique cafés. A bookstore slash (organic) café. Thus, I am delighted to be in a place where my passion for mocha drinks and books is very much encouraged. I cannot help myself from flashing those Koala eyes* as I enter through the door. Aahhh… the smell of coffee beans and book pages all in one.


I order my drink with a slice of banana bread, then browse through the shelves. Too much interesting stuff. I intend not to hoard books today, so I walk back to my table and wait for my morning nosh. And then, my phone vibrates into an SMS from my friend Saraleigh. I must say she is quite contrary. I do not have to ask her “how does your garden grow?” – in reference to her household experience – because every text message is an unsolicited answer.

“It is literally quiet a crest,” her message reads. She has this thing with crests when ironing clothes. It must run in a single straight line as her mother has taught her. It is Monday and what better else to do than to iron her husband’s work clothes, which she always slacks of. Her husband always insists that they need not be pressed as long as they are folded from the line. Yet Saraleigh often insists, because the crest is a proof of a good wife she is trying to be every day.

As I sip the last of my mocha from the clear glass, it makes me wonder if crest these days still matter as Saraleigh values it. What do other women or wives do for a proof? Or, do little things like clean crests seem to be outdated in a modern relationship?

Anyway, the mocha drink tastes more of a Mocha Latté. Light in taste even without sugar. Is this why they call it organic? And oh, the banana bread is just delicious, and as light as the mocha. A truly zen mocha pair.

Price: AUD4.65

*borrowed description from Saraleigh’s husband when he notices Saraleigh’s awe and excitement.


4 thoughts on “The Crest of the Matter

    • Thank you. I checked your blog and you have pretty interesting going on there. I travel too but not as much as when I was single. As for being a writer, you have enough published stuff to tag yourself, while I have nothing formally recognised as my own. ☺

      • I am more than happy you liked it. I was wondering are all these photos your own? I liked them very much. Especially the macro technique on this one above. Thank you for your comment about the writer part. Here where I live things are a bit different, meaning that I will need at least one whole book publised to get even considered to be called a writer. 🙂 For you, just keep on like this, and the inspiration might knock on the door before you expect it. As far as I’m concerned, it has already started to knock. 🙂

      • Thank you for your kind words. They are very much inspiring.

        Yes, the photos are my own. I guess when you put a bit of yourself in the picture, it makes it special even without a very powerful camera. Same as with writing too. I believe you can write that one significant book that will move the world.

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