Expensive Confusion

Words of warning. Do not buy coffee from someone who is catching breaths.

I went down to my local shopping centre in Greenwood to pick up something from the post. It was already around 1:00PM so I decided to just grab a quick lunch from the cafe in the middle of the shops. Like I said earlier, I meant not to have some caffeine for the rest of the day, but the chills got into me so I ordered my usual mocha indulgence.


It was quite beyond the average cost. It looked yummy but it was just restricted to its presentation. I did not really want a mocha, but the sign said it’s a specialty. I was naive to believe that Silvana’s mocha was exceptional.

I could not actually make a taste out of it. By the looks of it, it’s a mochaccino, but the texture and composition projected a mocha latte. I begged to further differ, because it didn’t tasted like any of it all. Talking about instant coffee and instant chocolate together. So it was not 100% Arabica after all, or I thought so, but its flavour said so. Geesh, this confusion! *facepalm* That’s right, because the lady who made it was kind of in between everything, and made it clear to her buying patrons (including me).

Any barista reading this could explain what’s on the right of the picture? An answer would be lovely.

Price: AUD6.00


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